Ribble Valley Perception Survey 2013

Closed: 07 May 2013

Who is consulting?  Ribble Valley Council


Why are we consulting?  Management at Ribble Valley are keen to continue to monitor the views of local residents on important topics such as crime, waste collection and recycling. The responses to the consultation are used to monitor progress and to identify areas of relative weakness that require attention. It is important that the collective views of the local community are understood so that council services can continually address local needs.     


   Clitheroe high street 2


When is it taking place?  The consultation started on 1st April and will run until 6th May 2013. The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.


Who are we consulting and how?We’re consulting anyone who lives within the borough. Direct invitations to take part in the consultation have been sent to members of the Citizens' Panel.   


When will the results be available?  We will publish the findings towards the end of May and further updates on how the results are being used and what impact they are having will be published when they become available.


Who should I contact with any queries?  Please contact Michelle Haworth on 01200 414421 or at       


How do I take part?

Online -  just click here to take part 


Many thanks in advance for your continued support and assistance. We look forward to hearing your views and once the consultation has closed all updates and findings will be available below.


Follow up


7th May 2013

Please note that this consultation has now closed. We are just data entering the last few paper responses and then we will be able to update you with the headline findings. We will update this page within the next day or so.


9th May 2013

In total 596 residents took part in the consultation. Here is a summary of what you told us:

1) Crime, health services and clean streets are the most important factors in making somewhere a good place to live

2) But road and pavements, dog fouling and activities for teenagers are most in need of improvement

3) 95% are very or fairly satisfied with the local area as a place to live

4) 77% feel that RVBC provides value for money

5) 74% of people who have contacted the Council in the last 6 months were satisfied with their experience

6) 52% believe that RVBC acts on the concerns of local residents

If you would like to see the detailed responses to each of the questions, please click here for the full breakdown. We are currently analysing all the responses and a report will be taken to the Council's management team by early June. We will share this with you ASAP after this date.


7th June 2013

The results of the survey were presented to Ribble Valley Borough Council's management team on 5th June 2013. A report was prepared looking at the results in detail and you can read this report by clicking here (pdf, 1.7mb).

As part of the discussions a number of immediate decisions were made:

1) The report should be presented to the next Policy and Finance committee so that members can consider the findings and agree suitable actions

2) The report should be sent to the Leader of the council

3) The report should be sent to heads of service within the council to look at the elements within the report that affect their service area

4) A detailed action plan be created and brought back to management team within the next couple of weeks

Once the action plan has been created, we will update this page accordingly.


5th July 2013

The action plan is currently being formulated and will be discussed with the Heads of Service at a meeting next week. Once it has all been agreed it will go to the Policy and Finance committee meeting in September to be signed off.

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