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Current Petitions
Disabled Parking

Pendle Council puts market stalls on disabled parking bays in the Market Hall car park in Colne, leaving lots of parking spaces for the able bodied, every Wednesday and Saturday. I feel this is not just plain discrimination against disabled drivers, it shows what Pendle council think of disabled people in Pendle and also disabled visitors to Pendle. Pendle council do not appear to care about the 2010 equality act as they refuse to abide by it, so with your help the council may start to listen to us. Please stop putting stalls on the disabled parking bays with immediate effect.

More Public toilets not less

Ribble Valley should have more updated public toilets in the bourgh. The present RVBC and elected councillors are diverting funds for the existing toilets into their own administration pockets. They are letting the tourist and community sections down badly by closing 33% of public toilets. This partition is to demand that more modern toilets be built in ALL villages and towns in the Ribble Valley. Also to increse the number of toilets in the main towns and make them available 24 hours / 7 Days a week day.

Clitheroe Residents Action Group (CRAG) 25% for 25%

We request that The Core Strategy on housing reflect the location and distribution of the Borough of Ribble Valley population as it currently is.   Whilst we recognise the need for future housing in the Borough of Ribble Valley we request that the the housing needs of the Borough should represent the same proportion as population distribution.   Therefore, as the town of Clitheroe currently constitutes 25% of the total Borough of Ribble Valley population, the proposed new developments within this town should also equate to 25% of the total requirement, thus ensuring a fair and equitable approach to future housing needs.

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